A blockchain is a growing list of record
blocks that are cryptographically linked
Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the

  • previous block
  • a timestamp
  • transaction data

    generally represented as a Merkle tree

    The timestamp proves that the transaction data existed
    as the block was published for it to be hashed

    As blocks, they form a chain
    where each contains information about the block previous to it
    and every additional block reinforcing the ones before it

    As such, blockchains are resistant to data modification
    once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered
    retroactively without altering all subsequent blocks


    The 10 digital art in this Blockchain Series presents:

    🔗 infrastructure (hardware)

    🔗 networking

  • node discovery
  • information propagation
  • verification

    🔗 consensus

    🔗 data

  • block height
  • block additions
  • transactions