What's Going On? -- Turtle Nijia PhD Series by Lin Hsin Hsin




The island, is a in style native hangout for hub members.
It is also used by PhD candidates to Pile high & Deep
in addition to meetups
It is not solely the location for work
as it supplies enduring inspirations to these enigmatic characters

Named after the enchanted silence & sweet airs
as in ready to drop upon me.
This will prove a brave kingdom to me,
where I shall have my music for nothing

gathered the multifarious silence generated by breathe
in & round the island; handled them like meeting venues,
where silence is indeed sounds: conversations & arguments

The concerted climbs, mixed with the pure silence of thought waves breaking on the dark water bubbles & the wind rattling the glass behind the passer-by, all weaved into authentic compositions.


Lin Hsin Hsin
Sep, 3, 2021