phishers & phools


oceans aglow
high tide or low
phishers follow
since long time ago

when the wind blows
regardless of water hot or cold
baits throw
simply throw

credential harvesting
their one & only goal
phishers' accomplished roles
they sell them like gold

from pole to pole
blue fin or tail yellow
mackerel or sole
they swim wisely & bold

phishers come in droves
phools have been told
curiously, they choose & chose
& ridiculously attracted to the phishing poles

phishers Joe & Joes
campaigns uphold
from sun up to sun down, baits throw
from streams to waves between every hole

hark the sharks
by entering a dangerous zone, value manifold
however, once caught, they become phish doles
one that gripped their fins & soles

credential harvesting, a daily poll & toll
even when one chapter is closed
a new one will emerge as the next post
next campaigns unfold

phishers come in droves
impersonations they uphold
next bait, new flavors, new loopholes
until then, new episodes continuously unfold...!


Lin Hsin Hsin
Dec 8, 2021

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