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          METAVERSE: 2-Dice-in-a-Dice




1 All 3D tools operate with X, Y & Z axes:
2 In these tools: the X axis direction is always the same
viz: a horizontal line from left to right, as in front view
3 However, different 3D tools may have different directions for the Y & Z axes:
Some tools are Y-Up, others are Z-Up!

Newer 3D modeling tools:
they will automatically convert Z-Up model to Y-Up
whereas it DOESN'T in the older tools

The 🎲

Any mathematician or casino addicts will understand the differences between
a left-handed-die vs a right-handed-die


1 think about the chirality

2 the 2🎲 were created by 2 different 3D tools:
⭐ one with Y-Up
⭐ the other with Z-Up

3 the 2🎲, with exactly the same dimensions
were created by 2 different game companies

📍 each dice has its own © & ®
📍 each with its own digital textures
📍 there exists micro differences between the 2🎲 with digitally fabricated surface tensions
🎯 A 3rd game company wants to put the 2🎲 into the 🎲container, seen as the big outer 🎲 in the diagram

Tell me
🛠 how would U proceed?
🛠 what're the tools U need

Assuming the 3🎲 exist in 3 separate virtualworlds


outlandish claims on NFTs & metaverse:

⭐ they will enable the true metaverse simply by allowing users to bring digital items with them
from one game or platform to another
⭐ while this is technically possible for simple tasks like transporting static images (assuming no ©,® issues)


⭐ Quesion 1:
can these items interact with each other in the virtual world
as if there are real-world humans interact with each other in real-time to move the respective dice into the the dice container?

⭐ Question 2:
is such interactions within its interoperability & movements to the claimed immersive experiences?