Virtual Reality Head Mount Device -- Lin Hsin Hsin NFT Intelligence Center, Liin Hsin Hsin NFT Universe & LIN HSIN HSIN ART MUSEUM -- First Virtual Museum in the World - 1994. Wikipedia, Digital Art Museum, Digital Media Center: Technology, Digital Art, Digital Paintings, Digital Sculptures, Digital Music, Digital Musical Instruments, Sound, , Animated Music, Web-enabled, Interactive, Digital Media Poineer
    to say ahhh, I m living in the 💯 virtual reality fully equipped with sensors tracking environment
    R U able to withstand the 24/7 HMD to be totally soaked & gain the immersive experience?

    an oculusquest2 headset weighs 5 3 2gm hence it is as good as
    placing 3 average size 🍊 (~180 gm each) in front of your 👁👁for hours 😂😂😂